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Repairing a Laptop with a Broken Screen

Can a laptop screen be replaced?

In almost all cases yes.The decision to make is whether to replace the screen or buy a new laptop instead. For more information please see our support article on whether a laptop screen can and should be replaced and the cost.

What is the cost of laptop screen repair?

Replacing  a laptop screen starts from ~$50 for a 11.6" non-touch screen and goes up from there depending on the type of screen, touch or non-touch and if we send the parts to you or you send them to us. Please contact us for pricing.


Is this a credible business?

Yes it is. Screen Surgeons is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) registered in the State of Arizona. We have been in business since 2007, have shipped tens of thousands of screens and  have repaired thousands of laptops. Please see the Better Business Bureau page for credibility and our Facebook page for customer comments.

Screen Quality

Are your screens original brand or aftermarket knock offs?

They are the same original brands that the laptop makers use in new laptops.

Will my screen have the exact same part # as my laptop currently has?

Most likely no, but it will have the same resolution, brightness and specifications that your original screen had.

Will the new screen have any dead pixels?

There’s a 20-30% chance that there will be 1 dead pixel. If you find more than 1, please return it to us for a replacement.

Are the screens new or refurbished?

All of the screens we install are brand new.

Where do your screens come from?

We buy our screens in volume from distributors in Taiwan and Hong Kong. These screens are overstock from factories that assemble laptop computers.

Buying Screens from Us

How fast will I get my screen?

We use USPS Priority Mail for shipping. This means most screens arrive in less than 3 days.

What if I get the wrong screen?

If it’s a screen that we recommended, we will pay to have the screen shipped back and get you the right screen.

What if the screen is damaged when I receive it?

Please email us photos of the screen and box and we will then send a replacement.

What if I have problems during installation?

Please send us email and we’ll walk you through it.

What if it turns out that I don’t need the screen?

Please send the screen back in original condition and original packaging and we’ll refund the screen cost.

What if there’s a problem with the screen after I install it?

If you see more than one dead pixel, bright spots, lines or if the screen goes dark during the 2 year warranty period, we will send a replacement screen at no charge.

Mail-in Repair Process

Will my data be safe?

We do not browse through customer files and replacing the screen does not affect data on the hard drive. For added protection please password protect the laptop and back up your important files. If you’re still worried, you can remove the hard drive entirely before shipping the laptop.

Are you qualified to do this work?

Yes. We’ve successfully repaired 1000s of laptops and the owner was formerly employed by Hewlett Packard and has a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

How do I ship the laptop to you?

Please follow the instructions on the Shipping your Laptop Page.

How long will it take total?

1 to 2 weeks. Most of this time is shipping the laptop here and back. To expedite service, you can ship the laptop faster and request expedited return shipping at extra cost.

How do I pay?

You can either include a check with the laptop for the quoted amount, or pay online by Credit Card, PayPal or Amazon once the repair is complete.

What if you find additional problems when replacing the screen?

We will contact you and come to a mutual agreement on how to proceed.

What if there are problems or I’m not happy with something once the laptop is returned?

If there are problems with the screen (too dark, blemishes, not-working), we will repair it under warranty. We pay all shipping costs. If it’s not a warranty issue, we come to a mutual agreement on the solution.