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About us

Screen Surgeons was created to bring a higher level of customer service to do-it-yourself (DIY)  laptop screen replacement.

To do better:

  • Screen Surgeons buys screens directly from the source in Taiwan and Hong Kong thus cutting out the middle man. We stock a wide variety of laptop screens and replacement digitizers.
  • We’re fanatical about customer service. A dedicated support department answers emails, chats and phone calls during business hours.
  • We use  social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) to communicate with and educate the customer.
  • We have developed the most effective techniques to quickly and efficiently replace damaged laptop screens. Since our volumes are high, we know what works and what doesn’t. Having accomplished this, we pass on all of our knowledge to our customers through YouTube videos.

    Laptop Screen Assembly Repair StationInstructional Video Recording Station
  • We have stringent quality control standards and have the capability to test most of the screens that we sell in addition to vendor testing of the screens we receive.
  • We have worked hard on logistics to offer free 2-3 delivery in the US. Additionally we can ship to almost anywhere in the world.

So if you’ve had the unfortunate event of a damaged laptop screen, please know that we have tirelessly worked on the process of getting your laptop repaired quickly and cost effectively.


Eugene Panrudkevich, PhD

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