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Can a Laptop Screen be Replaced?

This is a common question asked by customers. The answer in almost all cases is YES. We have access to almost all laptop screen parts, have repaired all types of laptops, and have hundreds of videos on YouTube on laptop screen repair. There are several factors to consider:

Cost - It may or may not be economical to replace the screen. Typical rule-of-thumb is that if the cost of the repair is less than 50% of the purchase price of the laptop then it's worth it.

How valuable is the software or content of the laptop - Often the software installed on the laptop or the data contained on the laptop is worth more than the laptop itself. In this case it may be worth it to exceed the 50% guideline.

Additional damage to the laptop - If the hinges, hard drive, or keyboard are damaged, and the cost is already approaching 50%, it may not be worth it to go forward with the repair.

If the decision is to go forward with the repair, the next question to decide is whether to do the repair yourself or send it in to us or have a local repair shop to do the repair.

Do it yourself - If the laptop does not have an outer glass touch layer and or purchase price when new is less than $500 it may be worth it to do it yourself. We have tens of thousands of customers that have purchased screens from us and repaired the laptop themselves with the tools, videos and support that we provided.

Mail it in for us to repair - If it's a touchscreen laptop and  purchase price is more than $500 and you don't have prior experience repairing laptops it may be worth it to send it in for repair. Touchscreen laptop screen assemblies have become more complex in recent years and are easy to damage if not handled properly.

Repair Shop - If the staff at a local repair shop is experienced with touchscreen laptop repair and have a good reputation, this is a viable option also. Many repair shops buy parts from us and use our videos.

Which Part to Buy?

With touchscreen laptops becoming more common, it's not a simple choice on which part needs to be replaced. Choices include just the LCD screen, the touch glass digitizer, the LCD/Digitizer assembly, the complete upper assembly etc. Also there may be several different screen resolutions for a particular laptop model. Our support staff is ready to help and answer these questions. Please visit our inquiry page to get started. Also we have a video below to explain the different types of screen parts.

How to get Started

The best place to start is to fill out the form below. One of our expert staff will reply promptly and may ask you for more information or point you to the right screen on our online catalog. If you would like immediate assistance, there's a chat box in the lower left corner of the screen. If you prefer to send us email, please send it to .