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Dell Chromebook 11 3100 Replacement AC Adapter (65W)

Dell Chromebook 11 3100 Replacement AC Adapter (65W)

  • $ 3500

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Replacement AC Adapter for the Dell Chromebook 11 3100  

This AC Adapter will work with the Dell Chromebook 11 3100 and is to be used when the original AC Adapter is damaged. This is a NON-OEM AC Adapter designed to be 100% compatible with the original.

Assembly included parts: USB-C AC Adapter

Dell Chromebook 11 3100

Condition: New

Part #: HA65NM190, GJJYR

DE CH11 3100 Keyboard
E CH11 3100 Non-Touch Screen
DE CH11 3100 Touch Screen Assembly
DE CH11 3100 Battery

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