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HP Pavilion 15-N Laptop Replacement LED Screen

  • $ 8600

15.6" Replacement LED Screen for HP Pavilion 15-N Laptop Computer with FREE Tool Kit and FAST DELIVERY

Using the FREE Tool Kit provided with this screen, you can replace a cracked or damaged screen on your HP Pavilion 15-N and restore your laptop computer to a working condition. The screen provided will be the same performance and quality as the original and the same screen is installed as original equipment in new HP laptop computers.

To restore your laptop quickly, we provide:

FREE and FAST Shipping: No shipping charges for 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail shipping in the continental US.

FREE Tool Kit: All the tools described in the video and necessary to replace the screen are provided with the new screen at no extra charge.

FREE Email Technical Support: If you run into problems during installation, send us email and we'll help you solve the problem.

Easy Returns: If the problem is not with the screen or you decide you don't need the screen, just send the screen back within 30 days in its original condition and packaging and we'll refund the screen cost less 15% restocking fee.

Compatibility Guarantee: If the screen we ship to you is incompatible, we will pay return shipping for the original screen and send the replacement screen at no cost.

Global Shipping: We can ship to most countries. Please use the standard shopping cart checkout. We frequently ship to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Australia and other countries.

Screen Specifications:

  • Size:  15.6-inch WideScreen 
  • Resolution:  WXGA (1366x768)
  • Backlight Type:  LED
  • Finish:  Glossy
  • Grade: A
  • Condition:  New
  • Repair Time: About 30 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: Low to Moderate

2 Year Warranty: 
If more than 1 dead pixels, any bright spots, any lines appear or if the screen goes dark during the warranty period, we will send a replacement screen at no extra charge. Warranty does not cover accidental damage.

Laptop Model #: The HP Pavilion 15-N TOUCHSMART has multiple model number variations (15-N243NR, 15-N244NR, 15-N246SL, 15-N246US, 15-N241CA, 15-N240US, 15-N237EZ, 15-N000 SERIES, 15-N001AU, 15-N001AX, 15-N002AU, 15-N002AX, 15-N003AU, 15-N003AX, 15-N004AU, 15-N004AX, 15-N005AU, 15-N005AX, 15-N006AU, 15-N006TU, 15-N007AU, 15-N007TX, 15-N011NR, 15-N012AX, 15-N013DX, 15-N019EA, 15-N020US, 15-N023CL, 15-N024NR, 15-N034NR, 15-N037CL, 15-N040CA, 15-N040US, 15-N041CA, 15-N044NR, 15-N046US, 15-N047CL, 15-N061NR, 15-N062NR, 15-N067CA, 15-N068NR, 15-N071NR, 15-N080CA, 15-N087NR, 15-N088CA, 15-N088NR, 15-N090NR, 15-N090SA, 15-N091NR, 15-N092NR, 15-N093EL, 15-N094NR, 15-N095EL, 15-N096EL, 15-N097EL, 15-N098EL, 15-N098NR, 15-N099EL, 15-N200 SERIES, 15-N201TU, 15-N204AX, 15-N204ED, 15-N205AX, 15-N206TU, 15-N207CL, 15-N207EA, 15-N207SA, 15-N208AX, 15-N208SF, 15-N209ED, 15-N209TU, 15-N210AU, 15-N210DX, 15-N211AU, 15-N211SK, 15-N212ED, 15-N212SI, 15-N213SI, 15-N213SK, 15-N215EO, 15-N215SO, 15-N216TX, 15-N216US, 15-N217NR, 15-N217TX, 15-N218NR, 15-N220SS, 15-N220US, 15-N221NR, 15-N222NF, 15-N222NR, 15-N223NR, 15-N223SF, 15-N224TX, 15-N225NR, 15-N226NR, 15-N226TX, 15-N227EO, 15-N228SS, 15-N229NF, 15-N230CA, 15-N230SA, 15-N230SF, 15-N230TX, 15-N231SF, 15-N231TU, 15-N231TX, 15-N232NR, 15-N232SA, 15-N232TU, 15-N232TX, 15-N233TX, 15-N234EG, 15-N235NR, 15-N236NR, 15-N237EZ, 15-N238NR, 15-N240CA, 15-N240US, 15-N241CA, 15-N243NR, 15-N244NR, 15-N246SL, 15-N246US, 15-N250SV, 15-N251SA, 15-N252SA, 15-N253SA, 15-N256SA, 15-N256SB, 15-N259EG, 15-N259SG, 15-N260SS, 15-N260US, 15-N261SS, 15-N262NR, 15-N262TX, 15-N263SA, 15-N263TX, 15-N264NR, 15-N264TX, 15-N265NR, 15-N265TX, 15-N266NR, 15-N267CA, 15-N267EI, 15-N267NF, 15-N267NR, 15-N267SI, 15-N268NR, 15-N269NR, 15-N270NR, 15-N270SG, 15-N271NR, 15-N271TX, 15-N272NR, 15-N273EA, 15-N273SA, 15-N274CA, 15-N277NR, 15-N278NR, 15-N279NR, 15-N280CA, 15-N280US, 15-N281EA, 15-N281NR, 15-N282NF, 15-N282NR, 15-N283NR, 15-N284NR, 15-N284SO, 15-N285NR, 15-N286NR, 15-N287CL, 15-N287NR, 15-N288CA, 15-N288NF, 15-N293CL etc.). The screen provided is guaranteed to work with all Pavilion 15-N TOUCHSMART model series.

Screen Part #: The screen provided will have one of the following part numbers (All of which have been tested to be fully compatible with the HP Pavilion 15-N and all of which are used as original parts in HP laptops.): B156XW03 V. 1, LP156WH3, LTN156AT20, CLAAB156XW03V.1, B156XW04 V.5, LP156WH3-TLA1, LP156WH3-TLA2, LP156WH3-TLA3, LP156WH3-TLAA

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