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Dell Inspiron 5421 14R i14RMT Touchscreen Replacement Digitizer & Bezel Assembly

  • $ 3500

Replacement Dell Inspiron 5421 14R i14RMT Touch Screen Digitizer

Part Numbers Visible:
Part numbers on ribbon cable, please see attached picture.

The Dell Inspiron 5421 14R i14RMT touch screen laptop display contains a touch layer (the digitizer) and the display layer (the LCD/LED panel or screen). This listing is for the digitizer. The digitizer is located in front of the display. If you see cracks in the digitizer class but no distortion or cracks in the display itself, then just the digitizer needs to be replaced. The replacement glass digitizer provided will have the same performance and quality as the original Dell Inspiron 5421 14R i14RMT Touch Screen Digitizer. If the LCD display itself is distorted or cracked, then most likely both the digitizer and the LCD need to be replaced. 

The procedure to replace the digitizer can be complex. Please make sure you are qualified to do it or can take it to a technician.

Alternatively, Screen Surgeons provides a mail-in service for touch screen laptop repair. Please add this item to the cart and proceed to our Mail-In Repair Service page for further instructions.


Laptop Model #: The Dell Inspiron 5421 14R i14RMT has multiple model number variations. The digitizer provided is guaranteed to work with all Dell Inspiron 5421 14R i14RMT model variations.

FREE Tool Kit: All the necessary tools, to replace the screen are provided with the new screen at no extra charge.

FREE Shipping:  No shipping charges for 7-9 day  shipping in the US

FREE Email Technical Support: If you run into problems during installation, send us an email and we'll help you solve it.

Easy Returns: If the problem is not with the screen or you decide you don't need the screen, just send the screen back within 30 days in its original condition and packaging and we'll refund the screen cost less 15% restocking fee.

Compatibility Guarantee: If the screen we ship to you is incompatible, we will pay return shipping of the incompatible screen and send the replacement screen at no cost.

2 Year Warranty: If the digitizer malfunctions during the warranty period (not responsive to touch, multiple touch points), we will send a replacement digitizer at no extra charge. Warranty does not cover accidental damage.

Digitizer Part Number: 5212

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